Better golf through physical training. 4-week online coaching package now just £50 (RRP £80)

Until 31/12/2021


Play better golf through physical training. Limited availability now available for this 4 week online coaching package offer.

For just £50 you get all of the below included (RRP £80).

– Needs analysis

– Physical movement screening and biomechanical swing analysis

– Individualised 4-week Strength & Conditioning programme (home or gym-based option)

– Continuing online support via CoachNow platform

Full details of what is included in the package are shown below. If you want to sign-up to this offer simply email and I will send across further information for you to get started.

Offer details

Pro Details

For just £50 you get all of the below included (RRP £80):


Needs-Analysis: Overall assessment of sporting background, injury history (surgery, chronic-pain), age, & personal goals

– Essentially, key areas about you as an individual is taken into account to create a bespoke plan for you


Physical movement screening and biomechanical swing analysis: linking to your unique physical limitations to understand how your physical capabilities affect your swing-technique and the distance you hit the ball

– This is especially helpful if you have tuition with a golf coach as this feedback can help them understand whether certain movements are just natural to you, are a result of your physical limitations or can be improved with technique and practise development alone


Individualised 4-week Strength & Conditioning programme: (home or gym-based option) to improve the physical limitations identified

– Designed around your needs, goals and available resources I.e. free time, commitment, equipment


Continuing online support via CoachNow platform: (assess exercise technique, answer S&C questions and providing support during the process)

– Private coaching space between S&C coach, golfer, parents & additional team-coaches

I am a golf performance specialist based at The National Performance Centre at Woodhall Spa Golf Club, Lincolnshire, England. I can help you with your game by either working in person or by providing online coaching.

As a Golf Physical Performance Coach, my aim is to help golfers of all levels, ages and injury background to maximise their body’s potential and become a better player.

I use my extensive industry expertise to create training plans designed to focus on your individual needs and goals, to deliver improved performance. I can help you become physically fitter, recover quicker, fatigue less, reduce aches and pains and recover from long-standing niggles. Furthermore we will work to achieve swing positions easier, increase clubhead and ball speed and maintain better mental focus. All from a body and engine that is prepared for better golf.

It is well evidenced that the golf-swing is one of the most bio-mechanically demanding movements in all sports. Having the ability to exploit your full potential through practise alone will always be limiting.

Due to the forces that are placed on your joints through multiple repetitions of swing-movements, the risk of over-use injury is much greater, further reducing your chances of long-term progress.

Through my expertise of Sports Biomechanics, Physiology and years of coaching experience working with players from the European Tour, to beginner weekend warriors, I have created a system that is unique to each individual need. From seniors to juniors, your unique background, from; age, playing ability, swing mechanics and physical limitations leads to a plan that is specific to the player and their goals. In turn, this maximises player output.